This guy, up there, sums up the people of Kathmandu. It’s funny I’m writing this today because a friend we met in Kathmandu got in touch and it made me so happy. Anyway, I should have written this back in December but I generally do things when I feel it’s right rather than when I ‘should’, and now’s that time. About time for another trip back but let’s not talk about that right now.

To be honest, we got the best guide, it feels weird calling him a guide because he’s more like a friend but Prabin is beyond incredible. First of all, thanks for your patience, he LOVED history, us not so much, so we occasionally (often) drifted into our own little bubbles, while others LOVE history, us, not so much. If you want to know about Kathmandu Prabin is your guy.

Anyway, less about history and more about what you’ve all come here for FOOD.

this dish below is definitely something that was high on my list of things to try when I was in Nepal. So, Nepal is so close to Tibet that it is influenced by Tibetan cuisine a little. I wanted to try these noodles when I was here, known as Laping, they’re kind of an instagrammers dish, they’re strangely tasty, cold noodles in a cold broth, sometimes they’re filled. They were actually pretty delicious, the best place to try these was over near the monkey temple where there’s lots of little Tibetan restaurants. I also need to go back to try butter coffee. we had thentuk noodles too which are like a fresh noodle chopped into a broth, but this one’s warm. It’s a hand-pulled noodle soup from Tibetan cuisine you can get a vegetarian version with vegetables in the soup or meat. think I need to take a trip to Tibet.

I couldn’t have a blog about Kathmandu and not talk about someone else who made our experience so much more memorable, and really, if we hadn’t met him on that street it wouldn’t have been the same, so thanks Jam yang for pestering us + guessing correctly!! No word of a lie, on of the mest meals/dishes I have had to date was in Kathmandu. It’s where my deep love for momos began. If you are going to Kathmandu don’t leave without first of all going to a Tibetan restaurant, their food is phenomenal, but also, go to , get their chilli veg momos and thank me after. life changing dish if ever there was one. I have no photo to prove how good they are, it was one of those times where you’re enjoying the moment and the company of the ones you’re with far to much to even think to whip out a camera, the best times!

Backstreet academy Kindly shared their best food spots with us when we were in Kathmandu and I more than happily took photos of the incredible eats. We got to try all sorts of food, from lassi to jalebi to our favourite chat and sel roti.

Sel roti, definitely topped our list, I’m so glad we fucked up our flights because we managed to fit in an extra few days in Kathmandu, and that meant, early 6am rises for sel roti + chat. Not a bad way to start any day. I’d get up every single morning at 6am for them to be honest. So chat is the nepalese form of chai, its a spiced milk drink and delicious, it was the start of winter when we were there in December and holding a hot glass of chat on the cold streets of Kathmandu, I’ll never forget. sel roti, it was delicious, I loved it because it was a little sweet but not super sweet like doughnuts but it was thin-ish + also a little grainy with texture from course rice flour. It was amazing watching all the life and energy on the street at such an early hour, everyone was out at the market to get their foods and stopped off to get sel roti, like a take away back home the sel roti were stacked and wrapped in newspaper, just loved it and can still picture it right now. If you’re in Kathmandu, don’t leave without getting these.

You know what else we tried in Kathmandu that I had never even heard of before, lemon + black Himalayan salt tea. unusually savoury, I can actually taste it as I write this, Ellen was mad about it, me, not so much. Not sure if it was my cup of tea gimme chat anyday instead.

I’m sure there’s loads I have forgotten to tell you about, and, if I remember I’ll add them at a later date, but I’m sure you get the gist of our stint In Kathmandu, we loved it, like really loved it and fell in love with it just a little bit.

Kathmandu made me smile again and it wasn’t just because of the sel roti and copious amounts of momos, it was a very special place.

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