Yellow Belly LA food crawl…

After all the food I ate, I did pretty much crawl home from LA.

How do I break it to you. oh yea, I got to eat in the best places in LA + you guys missed out. I had a bleedin seriously long list of some of my favourite click plate and instagram spots in LA + Donal + Sofie only fuelled the food tasting fire by bringing me to their ultimate spots. Korean barbecue, authentic Thai, bakeries, oh the list is just endless.

I honestly didn’t know how to start this, do I tell you about all the spots (because there was so many) or just a few. so I thought, better just start + see where it goes. what better way to start than with coffee. you know my favourite thing to do, except for being by the sea, is to just sit, and drink a coffee + be present, just enjoying the moment and letting the world pass by. Not on my phone answering emails or calls, just sitting, enjoying every sip. I swore I would do it here if only once + by my long list of coffee places it looks like I did a lot of relaxing but most shots have my gmail open just out of shot or google docs where I dip in and out editing recipes or making notes or before I dashed for an uber (of which I took many, many of in Los Angeles). You know before I left I remember being on a shoot with Donal and said I’d love to be driven around for a week. well my wish came true but it wasn’t long before I wished I could hop into my own car and bring myself where I wanted to go. I’m not someone who likes others waiting on them, not even taxis. but anyway, work, yea, I don’t think it ever ends when you work for yourself does it?


I think there’s something really nice about starting off the day slowly, when I’m home I used to always/still am, in a rush to get up + out the door. but now, I actually get up earlier, just to take my time + make a coffee. or I leave early so I can spend a few minutes just being still before the madness of the day begins. it sets me up, sorts my head out. I think it’s important. But sitting down, taking everything in over a tasty porridge or yummy eggs is one of my favourite things, even better with friends but I love to be alone too, sometimes I can’t believe I feel that now. I used to be the kind of person that wouldn’t be able to sit in a room alone. Isn’t it so nice drinking a coffee and eating alone sometimes.

I get so inspired when I travel. By interiors, by cookbooks, by people, styles (interiors + clothes) but mostly by what I eat. I love learning and tasting new flavours. I had the most delicious ginger and honey flat white in the row in PCP and it was heaven (the one time I did actually sit down to let life past me by).

So, if I could live anywhere in LA it would be Venice, and I swear it isn’t all because of Gjusta but it may have a little part to play. the interiors, the food, the smells. isn’t there something special about walking into a bakery with all the bakery smells. like whoever doesn’t like bread, well we cannot be friends. I think it has something to do with form where I grew up, in a small village with a bakery, we used to get the school bus early mornings and the bread smells that filled the village is something I don’t think I’ll ever forget and I guess when I smell bread now it brings me back to all that. I do love a good hot chocolate, and normally never go for mochas, but when one of my ultimate

Just before I went to LA I was working on a click plate recipe series with Donal Skehan, one thing we re-created was in and out animal style fries. most people say they really don’t live up to the hype, but a few skinny chips and caramelised onions, what’s not to love.

I used to love Peter Pan, searching for lost treasure, that’s what I do, but with food. and in row I found exactly that. Tartines’ morning bun is better than any gold.

One of my first stops on the foodie trail. Joy on York. I don’t know why but I am obsessed with Taiwan and every bone in my body wants to go. so… when sofie suggested dinner on day 1 in a Taiwanese restaurant I was 100% game. Dan dan noodles, passionfruit iced tear, wood ear mushrooms, dumpling soup + thousand layer pancake, all of which were absolutely delicious.

Los Angeles is definitely not short of great coffee. I tried one, or two. Ok I love a good oaty flatzer as ye all know so here’s a few places I loved. Dinette in echo park is super cute, they have a couple of tables outside so super handy if you have a four legged pupper. PCP at the row was so great. ok all these coffee were great but it’s about the location aswell you know. I love how a café feels and the interiors, did I ever mentioned I wanted to be an interior designer before a food stylist? so yea I love interiors. and then, Intelligentsia. YUM YUM YUM.

Doughnuts, in LA, of course. I couldn’t leave without scouting out the best doughnuts. We went to doughnut friend across from Joy on York after having our Taiwanese supper, doghnut sweet treat after rice + noodles, why the hell not. First up, their passionfruit donut. YES. it was very passionfruity (is that even a word), super soft + light. then, I went again, I actually stumbled across this when I was on route to a coffee shop, the apple fritter + creme brûlée donuts were calling my name.

Lets talk egg slut. it’s on everyones lists when they come to LA so it sure as hell was on mine. One day before shooting I popped down to gran central market to be first in the queue, I was, and even managed to grab a coffee before it opened. The early morning was 1000000% worth it for the creamy, butter, eggy scrambled goodness that was between the most delicious brioche bun + I got crispy bacon, of course I did. I think I even got cheese #NOHOLDINGBACK

So where was my favourite brunch? I think Squirl wins out. Although, Honey hi is a very, very close runner up. I had their pancakes, the whipped coconut cream was DELISH. and I am a sucker, as you all know, for pink dragon fruit so I went for their lemonade. yum, that colour though!! Jon and vinny’s pizza for breakfast on my way to the airport was the ultimate indulgence and 100% the best pizza I’ve ever had. all the parmesan. all the n’duja. all the calories.

Ever have a baklava croissant? no? have you even lived? I hadn’t until Gjusta fell in my footsteps. It was seriously delicious and gave my favourite almond croissants a run for their money. who doesn’t love pistachio and flaky butter pastry after all.

Did I mention how long my LA food hit list was? I think I got to almost every place. Philippe the original was one. I wrote a recipe based off their French dip, which was pretty tricky considering I had never had it, so I had to do a hell of a lot of research, but I reckon after now eating it, I did it justice. double dip, French roll, beef, pickled egg. I didn’t forget the lemon meringue. I still can’t forget it. Light + fluffy meringue with sharp LEMONY base. yum yum, yummy. the interiors were super cool too, it was like stepping back in time also, the floor had sawdust and it was like a canteen or old school diner. order at the counter and you bring your food down on a tray, it wa a pretty cool experience.

A few other places I ate in which were seriously delicious, so delicious there was no time for photos, were:

  • Korean barbecue
  • tacos
  • Triple beam pizza
  • mr holmes bakehouse

If you are planning a trip to the city of angels, let me know if you’ve any questions, I’d be more than happy to help out on your travels.

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