Bitterballen. should be on a podium but this little table/stool beside the canal will have to do. Pride of place at the top of this page they’re definitely one of the best things we ate the whole weekend, and what better way to start telling you about what we got up to than this.

We sat on stools in the cold with mulled wine (which was more like hot syrup- don’t order it), with hot apple pie, cream and bitterballen. the best part about it was nearly the mustard dip. I’m not licking my lips right now, you are.

Het papeneiland we loved you. that’s why we went back for double portion bitterballen before our flight home, only regret was not ordering more.

Scandinavian Embassy was one of those places we found, stumbled across, you know, the kind of place you stroll across on the way to somewhere you’ve planned, but turns out to be the best. yes, that was this little gem. Warm cinnamon buns straight from the oven and the creamiest oat flat white. heaven. We went back twice. Of course we did.

I think one of the favourite things we did was sit in the sun on a Monday, drinking coffee and eating the most delicious cookie you’ve ever had. the coffee in hummingbird is definitely top of the list and what makes it even better, is not only the barista, he was great. but, it’s only a few minutes walk from the best ever cookie shop, Van Stapele koekmakerij.

Now let’s talk cookies. these are no ordinary cookies. they’ve warm, chocolatey, and have a molten white chocolate truffle centre. RUN, don’t walk. there might be a queue but it moves pretty quickly so don’t let that turn you off. and don’t just order one, trust me, you’ll go back for more.

Fries in the dam are a must, parmesan, crispy fries and truffle mayo. there’s not much else that hits the spot more. Head to Van Wonderen Frieten for the ones below. How Chloe didn’t run away with them when she got her hands on them, I’ll never know.

The Lebanese Sajeria was delicious, although needed a little seasoning. but tasty fresh, and made in front of us. Always a bonus.

lot 61 you dream. literally all I want in a cafe. the atmosphere, the coffee, oh the coffee, the cinnamon rolls, the interiors. café goals. I think the kimchi and Hervé roll that Chloe picked was one of the nicest things I have ever had. warm and so bloody full of flavour. the cinnamon rolls were heavenly. they were a little crispier that what I usually like, however they were super cinnamon-y and seriously tasty.

This place was a dream, we loved it so much we stayed a little longer and tried their chai, which was creamy, spicy and delicious, we may have tried the vegan blueberry loaf cake with this and it was super light and fluffy.

Pie. You dreamboat. Canned cream, don’t you pretend you don’t love it. A little whipped cream and a deep dish pie. YES SIR. Het Papeneiland brings a new meaning to pie lovers heaven.

There’s definitely places I’m leaving out but here’s a few of our favourites. Oh wait, before I let you continue your Amsterdam adventures, or plan them, Pop bar Parry to the top of your list and cross off Foodhallen. Over + out.

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