I guess I best mention the real reason for my stint in London, not that you need a reason to hop across to this food heaven. I absolutely Love what Emily Ezekiel and Issy Hossack do, so when then announced a workshop, despite my fear of commitment, I booked it + lemme tell you it was worth it. these ladies are such a joy to be around and when we sat down to Fabrique cardamom buns day 1 I knew I was in the right place. Kind of love these three shots I took below. the ladies made the food but I styled the first two images and shot these. Cake + tacos, you girls get me!

Fabrique. a bakery. a café in a bakery, count me in. I think this is one of my favourite places. it’s the fabrique on Geffrye street that I know + love (am obsessed with). You know, I think it’s because of the smells, we stood outside at 9 bells waiting for it to open and the smell of cinnamon was just incredible and it think these bread smells transported me back to the village close to where I live, the smell of bread is just the best. if you don’t like bread, basically we can’t be friends, like, there’s no point.

In Fabrique, I tried everything, well, I didn’t have bread but didn’t know what I was going to do with a whole loaf of bread, although, I have been known to eat half a loaf in one go, but with my copious cinnamon bun intake I reckon I was covered on the food front. Imma be honest, I really love cardamom, like my favourite spice on par with fennel seeds kind of love, and as you know, I lash fennel seeds in everything, if it wasn’t for the teeny tiny annoying pods I’d be eating it everyday. so yes, cardamom buns for the win, their chocolate biscuits are AMAZING along with the other cookies, they had hazelnuts, I love hazelnuts so I loved them. hazelnut caramel cookies is what their called, maybe they’re not but you’re going to just have to trust me that they’re good.

Ok, I LOVE the gym but I also love doughnuts, not the stodgy thick ones, like a simple jam doughnut is all g with me. Jam covered in sugar and a light and fluffy doghnut. Ok I’m glad we’re on the same page. Where in London? Bread ahead in my numero uno spot. I do love st.Johns too and honestly they’re on par but the hazelnut one from borough is where it’s at. Saying that, I picked up a rhubarb jam one in St.Johns Neals yard and honestly, so delicious, like, very delicious. BY THE WAY borough is closed on a Sunday and I felt I had to give you this heads up to avoid doughnut disappointments. go any, and all other days.

Taiwanese wheelcakes: they’re delicious. Wheelcake Island in Seven dials market does THE most delicious biscoff and custard. I’m not sure how to describe this really, kind of like a spongy filed waffle, but better. eats Taiwanese wheelcakes *books flights to Taiwan.

A couple of random little nuggets we found: momos in Brick lane market. Maltby street market and then, in hackney there’s London Borough of Jam.

Lets talk chocolate. the molten kind, the kind with extra chocolate on top + the kind in a cookie, that’s molten and delicious. Said dal 1923 does what only can be described as melted, warm chocolate, it is super tasty, but go for the teeny tiny cup, it’ll be enough.

Dark sugars is a must, I know people rant and rave about chin chin, and yes, their marshmallow capped hot chocolates are definitely something to shout about, but sadly the rest of the cup contents don’t do it for me. so dark sugar wins it out.

Bens cookies, cookie coma, get the hazelnut one, thank me later.

Violet café. I love your food, I love that you’re nestled a quiet little street and that I can sit outside in the sun, there’s something about being in the fresh air but wrapped up that I love. I went a few times. the staff were sadly, disappointing, I guess I put this expectation for them to al be happy and super friendly and they didn’t meet that.

The blue cheese, kimchi toastie, yes yes yes. I love that you can get 1/2 and whatever was on the carrots, I loved it. Like really loved it.

the chocolate cupcake was the softest I had ever tasted and the banana muffins were something similar. Managed to squeeze in a blondie too and it was fudgy, and lovely, and just perfect.

Pavilion. We stumbled across you and we loved you. your almond croissants were super delicious, your rhubarb custard tarts looks like little bites of heaven but we were just too full.

Pophams: this place, I would go back to again and again, so much to try, and right now, in Isolation I kind of wish I had some of their fresh pasta. If you don’t like bread this isn’t the blog for you.

Smoking goat, Gloria, Beijing dumpling all the places I went and loved but didn’t shoot, partly because I was too busy eating the food, partly because it was late with low light. all these places are probably my favourite though and if I could go back they’d be the first places I would go.

Dishoom, you dreamboat. I went three times and I would go again. over and over.

the minute I landed in city it was on my mind so I curved my bacon nan roll cravings with one straight off the plane. Ais had the vegan sausage and honestly was delicious. As you all know, me a chai, chai and I, we’ve had a love affair since India. This one, it’s definitely not as sweet as it original counterpart but still seriously delish.

I of course had a coffee hit list, I think I’m going to do a separate post on it, because, lets just say I wasn’t in a caffeine deficit in London, not even for a minute. there just wasn’t enough time.

Props: hackney drapers, nom living, random Japanese shop near old street.

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