Pan brownie

What's life without brownies. not one I wanna live anyway. Finally getting back to doing a little shooting and recipe creation for myself and it feels good. I had this in mind for a while but when jobs take over writing about brownies and melting ice cream is not high on the priority list. I … Continue reading Pan brownie


These need no introduction. I use this mix for the base of my cookie Dough brownies but it makes the best cookies. fudgy, crispy, big chunks. Isn't a warm cookie with melty chocolate chunks + a mug of tea just the best. love a little sea salt flakes over the top too. I have to … Continue reading CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES


THREE INGREDIENT HONEYCOMB COMING IN THICK AND FAST ON A MONDAY NIGHT. Yes the honeycomb is nice hunky chunky pieces and it's honestly, sillily easy to whip up. For December, I want to share a different Christmas recipe each Monday. I love the lead up to Christmas, honestly, not that big of a fan of … Continue reading HONEYCOMB


Sometimes It's hard to decide between a soft and squidgy brownie or chewy cookie. Why decide? Why not have both, at once. YES!! I wasn't going to post this, to me, they're just really, really, simple brownies. But I've made them a few times in the studio + it's probably why I am now referred … Continue reading COOKIE DOUGH BROWNIES

Thai tea cake

Thai iced tea meets chiffon cake crossed with a Victoria sponge of sorts. I love tea but I love Thai tea more + cake. I was about to go to bed last night when I began thinking how they’d work together. It's always in the middle of the night or when I sit down I … Continue reading Thai tea cake


I absolutely love my sister. I always tell her how much I miss her, I actually don't ever miss anyone to be honest but every time I see her she doesn't have a choice but get the biggest hug + I hold onto her for as long as she will let me. Now, we're no … Continue reading REESES PEANUT BUTTER W/SALTED CARAMEL + CHOCOLATE CAKE


I love baking, someone reminded me a while back we're not all the same. I had been told for years I needed to meditate, to read, to do a whole host of things, but we all have different ways of living life. Me, I love to cook. You know the way they (whoever 'they' are) … Continue reading CARROT, PECAN AND WALNUT CELEBRATION CAKE WITH ORANGE AND CREAM CHEESE ICING


There's not many words needed to sell these bad boys. Let's just say they're like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop. No level of self control would be enough when these warm, oozy chocolatey but fudgy squares of heaven are popped right under your nose, and I don't blame you. Live a little have … Continue reading BLONDIES