Pan brownie

What's life without brownies. not one I wanna live anyway. Finally getting back to doing a little shooting and recipe creation for myself and it feels good. I had this in mind for a while but when jobs take over writing about brownies and melting ice cream is not high on the priority list. I … Continue reading Pan brownie


These need no introduction. I use this mix for the base of my cookie Dough brownies but it makes the best cookies. fudgy, crispy, big chunks. Isn't a warm cookie with melty chocolate chunks + a mug of tea just the best. love a little sea salt flakes over the top too. I have to … Continue reading CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES


Undecided if this is a breakfast, or dessert, but look, its heavenly either way. Why the hell not have dessert for breakfast anyway. Pine nuts on something sweet, yep, it works, honestly we have so many pine nuts at home for some reason and I need to try use them up, so here we are, … Continue reading VANILLA YOGHURT OATS W/CANDIED PINE NUTS + BLUEBERRIES