Pan brownie

What's life without brownies. not one I wanna live anyway. Finally getting back to doing a little shooting and recipe creation for myself and it feels good. I had this in mind for a while but when jobs take over writing about brownies and melting ice cream is not high on the priority list. I … Continue reading Pan brownie

Sausage and fennel gnocchi

Step into midweek meal heaven. Grab yourself a bag of fresh gnocchi in the supermarket and get ready for a quick dinner. I love fennel seeds so they make it to almost everything. They're a no brainer in my books. Sneak in a little spinach at the end for the greens. This dish is definitely … Continue reading Sausage and fennel gnocchi

Sausage stuffing pancetta cups

If you wanna win a few brownie points over Christmas, or even for a Sunday roast these bad boys will get you them. cert. For anyone who loves stuffing, but loves sausage meat stuffing more, I couldn't recommend these enough. In fact, while I was shooting them, I couldn't wait to finish and one accidentally … Continue reading Sausage stuffing pancetta cups


These need no introduction. I use this mix for the base of my cookie Dough brownies but it makes the best cookies. fudgy, crispy, big chunks. Isn't a warm cookie with melty chocolate chunks + a mug of tea just the best. love a little sea salt flakes over the top too. I have to … Continue reading CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES


THREE INGREDIENT HONEYCOMB COMING IN THICK AND FAST ON A MONDAY NIGHT. Yes the honeycomb is nice hunky chunky pieces and it's honestly, sillily easy to whip up. For December, I want to share a different Christmas recipe each Monday. I love the lead up to Christmas, honestly, not that big of a fan of … Continue reading HONEYCOMB


Sometimes It's hard to decide between a soft and squidgy brownie or chewy cookie. Why decide? Why not have both, at once. YES!! I wasn't going to post this, to me, they're just really, really, simple brownies. But I've made them a few times in the studio + it's probably why I am now referred … Continue reading COOKIE DOUGH BROWNIES


I'm a yellow belly so OF COURSE I'm nothing short of obsessed with strawberries. This one time I did a nutrition plan, which I'll never forget, I started it just at the start of summer, and anyone from Wexford will know what this means, strawberry season. Sometimes there's nothing nicer than pulling over and getting … Continue reading WHITE CHOCOLATE TARTLETS W/GINGER BASE, ROAST PEACH + STRAWBERRIES


So. I when I was in Thailand I had this dish called Larb, honestly, looks dirt, tastes delish. It's absolutely jammed fulled of flavour and it was one of my favourite things in Thailand. Thailand is pretty cool, and I only learnt this while I was there, that you get certain dishes in the south … Continue reading TOFU AND MUSHROOM LARB


Undecided if this is a breakfast, or dessert, but look, its heavenly either way. Why the hell not have dessert for breakfast anyway. Pine nuts on something sweet, yep, it works, honestly we have so many pine nuts at home for some reason and I need to try use them up, so here we are, … Continue reading VANILLA YOGHURT OATS W/CANDIED PINE NUTS + BLUEBERRIES